Francisco Javier García Socorro

Age: 23
Place of birth: Tenerife, Canary Island, Spain.
Education: EAC, Escuela de Actores de Canarias (School of Actors from Canary)


What are your hobbies?
Eat, surf the web and and logically theater.


When you need a time out, what place do you go to?
I go to the bed.


What is your favorite movie or tv show?
I loved the tv show „La Parodia Nacional“ old tv show.


What actor/actress influenced or impressed you the most?
Hugh Jackman, because he dance, sing and play.


Where do you prefer to spend your vacation? At the beach or in a city?
I prefer the beach, because i grew up in an island.


Imagine you could go anywhere, where would you want to travel?
Norway, to see aurora borealis.


Why did you become an actor?
I become for the scouts, because the scout play don’t watch.


What was your favorite part of shooting „Ungesagt“?
My favorite part when Felicia wakes me.


What does friendship mean to you?
The friendship is a romance, but sexless.


Do you have anything in common with the character you play in the movie?
No. I don’t be a professional flirt.


If you could play any character you want, who would you want to play?
Master of ceremony, of musical „Cabaret“, or Mackie Messer „Die Dreigroschenoper“.